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Iran Among Top Gas Suppliers by 2040

The latest estimates indicated that Iran, China, the US and Russia will be the four biggest suppliers of natural gas by 2040.

According to the report of the public relations of the National Iranian gas Company, (NIGC), Mohammad Hossein Adeli, The former GECF Secretary General by expressing this, said that in the 2040 outlook of the world, the Earth"s population would grow by 1.7 billion of which 1.6 would be the urban population, meaning that demand for energy would grow dramatically.

He added that the global demand for natural gas would increase by about 50 percent to reach 5,427 bcm by 2040, while, according to statistics, by at least the next 30 to 40 years, fossil fuels would remain the dominant fuel in the global energy mix and in 2040, 76% of the world"s energy would be supplied by fossil resources.

Adeli said at the end, that the latest estimates indicated that China and Iran along with Russia and the US would be the top natural gas suppliers in 2040. 




  • 05/03/2019 - 14:41
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